International Calling Cards from Nimbuzz help you connect with Family and Friends

Figuring out how to select the right international calling card in an over-flooded market? Look no further than Nimbuzz, a mobile application which makes high-quality international calls affordable for everyone from everywhere. How is this possible? Nimbuzz provides a brand new feature – NimbuzzOut, which can be used on from a mobile or a PC, to make cheap Voip calls to mobiles and landlines.

Focusing completely on Voip calling services, NimbuzzOut not only provides users with the cheapest rates but they also provide excellent call clarity. Over the years, Nimbuzz has been successful in keeping customers happy when it comes to calling needs. All you need to do is download Nimbuzz from the app store for free on your mobile phone or your PC, and start calling.

You can need to buy NimbuzzOut credits to start making long-distance calls to friends and family.

If you need to see your credit balance, there’s no need to call customer care or logon to the Internet…simply see your balance in the call options screen of the Nimbuzz app. No doubts, NimbuzzOut has really made international calling simple!

Nimbuzz shapes new ideas every day to create the best of solutions for international phone calls!

What are you waiting for? Download the app! Search for ‘Nimbuzz’ in your app store or visit


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