It’s True: Experience Break Free Unlimited Calls to India with Nimbuzz’s Unrivaled Features

Now the time has arrived when your vacations are about to get over and you have to pack your bags, leave for the USA to study for the next semester. What’s next? There comes the most heart-breaking feeling of staying apart from your dear ones. Lingers a question in your mind, how to call from the USA to your dearest staying in India? It’s very simple to avoid paying huge phone bills when Nimbuzz provides unlimited calls to India.

Either make free unlimited calling to India or chat with your family and friends- how exciting it’s going to be when you will share your everyday routine and places you visited. The USA- A heart throb of tourists,who are allured by the beauty of its dazzling mountains & valleys, rainforests, theme parks, historical centers.Just ping your friends on the Nimbuzz messenger as soon as you watch something new and interesting.

What’s inside the magical box of Nimbuzz’s Application?

  • Unlimited India calling via free HD Clarity VoIP calls, from Nimbuzz to Nimbuzz
  • Absolutely Free: Calling to India from anywhere in theUSA
  • Do not forget that it’s available only for Nimbuzz users
  • Unconquerable audio quality
  • Easy to use becauseof its amazing features
  • Nimbuzz connected call list that shows presence of online friends
  • Easily accessible via 3G connection or a Wi-Fi connection

Impeccably connecting people- Nimbuzz has successfully joined 100 million users over 200 countries and they are indeed the most profoundly used VoIP service providers across the world.

Interested in knowing how it works?

The second question that will come in your mind, how it will help when your friends do not have Nimbuzz? Unlimited calls to India from the USA will cost you almost nothing with the cheap VoIP calling services from NimbuzzOut. It’s a pay-as-you-go service that will allow you to make cheap unlimited India calling, via Nimbuzz credits that you can purchase online.

Whether you are calling from the USA, UK, Canada, Pakistan, Nepal, or anywhere else- All you have to do is click here to create a new account on Nimbuzz and buy Credits using your Credit / Debit Card. Click here to download Nimbuzz, sign in using your newly created Nimbuzz ID and start making cheap internationals calls using NimbuzzOut.


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